Thursday, December 06, 2012


It's too early in winter to start saying I miss summer isn't it?
Ah well, timing was never my strong point. I want to do a shop update but I've been struck down by that stupid virus everyone's going on about, so it might be a few days yet. I want to do a lot of things...

In the meantime here's a new London winter post up on HiP Paris by me and two good films I watched this week (one very summery; one very wintery) while being a sickly person at home:

La Collectionneuse

La Belle Personne

No correlation between the two except FRANCE: Everyone's shagging everyone, basically, right?

{Am considering doing a Films For People Who Can't Be Bothered to Watch Them review of La Collectionneuse in the same vein as the Claire's Knee one. But you should. Watch it I mean - it's good.}

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charlotte said...

Now I want a) summer and b) to go to France. And, yes, the two are related.