Thursday, April 21, 2011


Oh, I know, we're a bit late, sorry - Lola's been typing furiously while I lay prostrate on the sofa nursing a glass of red wine with a cold damp flannel clamped to my forehead. It's been one of those weeks, but it's Thursday, which means Friday in the context of this week so hooray etc - I can lie down even more tomorrow.

This week's kitties are tiny Pippin and Bobo: the sweet darlings of Hannah and Landon, of the eponymous dreamy and wonderful blog. Thank you Hannah for answering all my cat related questions!

The basics: What breed are they, how old, how did you come to live with them, why did you call them Pippin and Bobo?

They are long haired tuxedo kitties, 7 months old and they were a gift from Landon for my birthday! He found them online at a local no-kill animal shelter ( and they are perfect! Bobo was named after a "pet" name I've long used for friends and loved ones (or rather, her full name Bobokins which I use only when she's being naughty and stealing my jewels and hats) and Pippin, as I'm sure you know, is a character in one of Landon's favourite book series, Lord of the Rings.

How would you describe their personalities? Are they friends?

They are best of friends! It's rare to see them apart really! Often they are snuggled up in a little bundle of fur and paws. Pippin is super sweet and a little more shy (except with me, he's an absolute mama's boy) and Bobo is outgoing, she talks more, she eats more, she's nearly two times his size and she gets into more trouble!

What are their respective favourite foods?

Their nighttime "treat" which is Wellness ( canned chicken! Bobo announces every day on the clock at 7:30 that she's ready for her snack and if you don't get it started right away she'll jump on your shoulder until you get the can out.

Do Pippin and Bobo have preferred lounging locations? Any signature poses?

On my back, on our kitchen chairs and in the window. Signature poses? Tied up together like a little ying yang.

What is a day in the lives of Pippin and Bobo like?

Wake me up in the morning for cuddles and feeding, then sleep, then cuddle, then run around and lose toys under the refrigerator, then sleep, then snack then do it all over again forever!

Do you have any amusing/weird/cute Pippin/Bobo moments or stories you'd like to share?

Gosh, I'm a total doting mother cos I think everything they do is amusing/weird/cute! One amusing event involved Landon doing naked push-ups and a curious kitten interruption!

Quickfire round:

Birds or mice?
Mice (though they've yet to experience either in their natural forms)

Sunlight or radiator?


Tap or bowl?

Lap or laptop?

Both (at the same time)

Snuggling or stretching?


Cats or humans?

{Picture 1 © Anna Li, the rest © Hannah Metz.}
{Thank you Laetitia for suggesting Pippin & Bobo as adorable kitten subjects.}


anabela / fieldguided said...


Unknown said...

can i say...adorable!!! ;)) (and i dig the non-kill shelters!!!)

hannah kristina metz said...

When Pippin and Bobo wake up from their slumber party on the chair I'll show them this post, hehe.

Kazuko said...

made my day!

Emma Lavelle said...

Sooooo cute! xx

Emily Rose said...

cute! those two cats really are as cute in person as they look in the photos. real trouble makers though! ps, i have two maine coon brother cats that wouldn't mind their 15 seconds of fame :)

Jessica said...

omg they are adorable!
i have 3 cats of my own : )