Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Remember when I was a bit miffed about the spring a.p.c. catalogue not being up to its usual standards?
Well hello summer, hello healthy looking model, hello my new plaid tunic.


(the summer stuff will be online on Thursday apparently. I know this because I asked, not because I'm in league with or getting kickbacks from a.p.c. Hmm, maybe if I sent Jean Touitou that lovely poem I wrote about him I'd get a little discount? Free shipping?)


Bombay Beauty said...

Is this now the look book that you mentioned you would ask for in addition to the catalog? BB

Lola Is Beauty said...

No, it's another new catalogue - usually there's just one with maybe a couple of extra pieces they add later in the season. So the catalogue I didn't like so much was spring, this one is now summer and who knows there might be another one yet...high summer, late summer. There's an insert with a few lookbook pics in each one which is what this photo is from. I must say I prefer to see the collection all in one go rather than the drip feed approach. But if it means them using a healthy looking model rather than a wan, underfed one it's ok with me.

Julia said...

Haha I come here straight away for my 'APC new catalog' chat.

Funnily, that's my favourite look.

I also really like-want the sailor's cap look (white blouse/wide leg trousers).

There's a lot of goodness here. I can see myself going through it many times for happy moments.

Lola Is Beauty said...

I know it's like I'm providing a live running commentary on it. One day I'll forget and the universe will explode! my top arrived today and the package was really hard to open and I was in a rush so it's waiting, unopened for me at home...yay!